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We Blend the Freshness and Goodness of Natural Fruits to Rain Down on Your Taste Buds in Every Sip


No Preservatives, Just Pure Juice

Welcome to Nikita's Juice, the best online juice bar that brings the freshness and goodness of fresh fruits right to your doorstep!

Nikita’s Absolutely Energizing, Low-calorie Fruit Juices

Fresh juices are all the rage, but why settle for anything less than the best? Get on board with all-natural, Non-GMO Fresh Juices from juicing masters — Nikita’s Juice. Our masterful blenders start with the finest fruits and veggies to whip up a nutrient-packed drink and lots of love.

Refresh yourself daily with Nikita’s Juice’s delicious juices and live life juicy!

Celebrity Jamaal- Natural Juice
strawberry lemonade


At Nikita's Juice, we understand how important it is to get the necessary nutrients. Our juices are made from only the ripest fruits, ensuring that they contain the highest amounts of vitamins and minerals.


We also make sure to bottle our juices at the source to keep them as fresh as possible. Every juice bottle contains an abundance of natural goodness and flavor that will energize and refresh you.


It’s not just about the drink. It’s about who you share it with and the precious smile that lights up their face with every sip.

Pink Liquid
kids fruit juice


Whether you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or just want delicious juice to drink as part of your daily diet, Nikita's Juice has what you need.

At Nikita's Juice, we deliver all-natural, non-GMO juices made with the freshest, most flavorful fruits and oodles of love. Imagine waking up and enjoying the nectar of delicious fruits without making a single juice yourself! Your vitamins and minerals will arrive right at your door - no matter where you live in the US.


We aim to provide fresh juice drinkers with the highest quality squeezed juices from all-natural ingredients. Utilizing the freshest produce, we can create delicious and flavorful juices that help keep your body healthy and energized.


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Ready to Give Nikita's Juice a Try?

Take advantage of our special discounts and loyalty programs designed exclusively for first-time customers. Feel free to browse through our selection or contact us if you have any queries — we would love to hear from you!


So don't wait — make sure your body stays healthy and energized with delicious juices from Nikita's Juice today!







Natural Juice

Our Juice Varieties

We offer various flavors at Nikita's Juice — seasonal picks and unique combinations!


Treat yourself to a refreshing peach blend or whip up a zesty orange juice — no matter your tastes, we've got it covered.


A delightful, irresistible blend of two classic favorites, this sweet treat is sure to have you drooling.


A smooth and creamy combination of succulent peaches, juicy mangoes and ripe raspberries await you in our Peach Blend.

ginger pineapple

Experience a truly unique blend with our Ginger Pineapple concoction! Sweet pineapple balanced out perfectly by zesty ginger creates an irresistible drink.

orange juice

Start your mornings by treating yourself to an invigorating glass of freshly squeezed orange juice! Squeezed from the juiciest oranges this side of town, our Orange Juice is bursting with flavor.

Nikita’s Juice Will Put Your Search for “Best Juice Shop Near Me” to An End

Providing raw juice with no added preservatives is one of the most important things for our customers at Nikita's Juice. Our juice extraction methods ensure that every sip maximum nutrient and enzyme are preserved. Plus, our selection of organic fruit guarantees a smooth and flavorful taste experience you won't find anywhere else.


When finding a juice shop near you, look no further than Nikita's Juice! We provide delivery services throughout the Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove areas so you can have your favorite juices delivered.


Whether you're looking for a simple orange juice or something exotic like peach blend and ginger pineapple, we've got it all!


Plus, if you're looking for raw juice with plenty of nutrients, our all-natural juices are definitely worth trying.


And if you don't have time to go out shopping for ingredients? Don't worry — with our convenient delivery service, you can have fresh juices delivered immediately!

juice delivery

Local delivery

Get healthy on your schedule. FREE delivery to Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove area.

What Our Customers Says

Karine Wesseh

best juice

I tried Nikita’s natural juice blend and it was amazing. I bought 4 bottles in hoped to drink it over a course of time, but I ended up drinking all by the next morning. The natural fruit flavors are noticeable from the moment you take a sip of it and It is has just the perfect amount of sugar as well (not too sweet, but sweet enough for a juice). I will definitely continue to drink it and can’t wait to try all the other natural flavors

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