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About Nikita's Juice

Nikita’s Juices trace their foundation to a hope for close knit communities where people share their love and love for food with a beaming smile and natural foods & beverages.

Nikita's Juice started with Nikita making an effort after coming back from her day job, to create a perfect recipe of freshly squeezed juices that wipe away all your weariness and refresh you instantly after a long hard day. Having perfected the recipe, she packaged the juices in standardized bottles and started delivering them door to door in neighborhood of Killeen, TX. More than building a business network, she began building friendships and a community.

The juices were an instant hit.

Nikita’s Juices aims to provide the best quality product which is locally sourced and unprocessed. Every juice we offer is utterly hand squeezed, made from scratch and with lots of love.

Our unique blend provides a perfectly delectable balance between sweetness and tart. The juices are 100% natural, raw and fresh rendering them a unique taste and a refreshing appeal.

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