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  • How are Nikita’s Juices made?
    Our juices are Hand Squeezed or puree. Which means that we are able to preserve the plentiful natural nutrients from every fruit. With this method, you get to drink maximum of the benefits of a fruit in a 12 oz bottle. Hand squeezed juices are as raw as it gets and are full of healthy nutrients for your body.
  • How far do you ship the juices?
    Our juices are shipped across the US. But, owing to their perishable nature of juices they are shipped between 1-2 days. It is the best method to preserve their freshness and taste. For residents in and around Killeen, TX, doorstep delivery options are also available.
  • What are the package sizes of your juices?
    Nikita’s Juices are available in standard 12 oz. perfectly sealed pet bottles, stored in chillers.
  • What are the basic ingredients of your beverages?
    Nikita’s Juices are made of minimal ingredients. There are no allergens, no processed sugar or any other chemical. All we use are fresh fruits from the Farmers market and are sweetened with Agave. We do not use fruit concentrates, preservatives or artificial acids at all.
  • What is the expiration time of your products?
    Since we do not add any industrial preservatives, the juices have a short shelf life and must be consumed within 3 days of delivery. However, the juices can be placed in the freezer for longer shelf life. Every juice is made after it has been ordered so that no consumption time is lost to the customers.
  • How do I store Nikita’s Juices for perfect taste?
    Because our ready-to-drink juices come without artificial preservatives, it is imperative that they are kept and stored in refrigerators. Ideal temperature for refrigeration is between 33 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Please consider the expiration on label and consume the product in the given time once it has been unsealed.
  • What modes of payment do you accept?
    We accept credit cards, _____, ______ and _____.
  • Do you offer Cash on Delivery option?
    Yes, we can offer cash on delivery option if you request it.
  • Does the product price include delivery charges?
    No, product prices listed are exclusive of delivery charges. Delivery charges will be calculated based on your location.
  • Do you take Cashapp or Venmo?
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